Sup dude,
Steve here.

Whassup y’all! Welcome to the site. My name’s Steve and I’m a lifetime natural bodybuilder, future NASM-certified personal trainer, and former fat person from the Midwest.

In my household, healthy eating was never something that was discussed. As a child, McDonald’s after school was the norm, five times a week, while dinner on the weekends usually consisted of Pizza Hut.

One day, in my mid-20s, I woke up and realized I had a huge problem: the person in the mirror and the person in my head looked VERY different. I was sixty pounds over weight.

In that moment, I embarked on a quest for fitness that has encompassed the last decade of my life. It was filled with ups, downs, twists, turns, and resulted in me trying almost every diet known to man.

Eventually, I cracked the code and figured it all out. I created this site to share what I’ve learned along the way and to help others potentially avoid some of the mistakes I made.

You can read my story here.

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